Monday, 22 May 2017

Outward Change

My friend told me this weekend I am like a completely different person. Actually, she has told me this before (also recently).  My doctor said a similar thing to me this past week.It's interesting to me to know how people perceive me, and the difference between when I am struggling with depression and when I am well.

What does my friend see? Energy is the word she used.  I can see how this is true.  I feel it.  Energy to care about life. Energy to stop by and see my friend (after she broke her leg).  Energy to live instead of exist.

It is nice that those around me see a change.  Honestly though, even if they didn't, I know it is there.  I have worked so hard to get to this place, it is certainly hard-earned.  And I am proud of that.  For not giving up even when it seemed like there was an endless string of things to deal with.  Not giving up when it seemed that things were hopeless.  I just kept trying.  And now, I am going to reap the rewards of that and live, really live.

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